About Us

The Cabo Hurricane Fund is a unique collaboration between community-based organizations in Cabo San Lucas and the global community that supports relief and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Odile.

Project Leadership

Grassroots Global Development Foundation is an international grant making foundation that provides financial and strategic support to locally led, community based organizations who are serving women and children impacted by poverty.


Grassroots Global Development Foundation

Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee is overseeing the grant process for rebuilding and other aspects of this project. The Cabo Hurricane Fund represents a diverse coalition, and our committee is a reflection of that:

  • Allison Dake, Chair  Email Allison Dake
  • Felipe Fernandez, Vice-chair  Email Felipe Fernandez
  • Onagh Ash
  • Scot Barker
  • Javier Moctezuma Barragan
  • Mark Beatty
  • Luzma Moctezuma
  • Craig Nason
  • Francisco Sanchez
  • Pancho Sanchez
  • Tanya Talamante

Project Partners

In the days following Hurricane Odile, the Cabo Hurricane Fund formed partnerships with businesses, charities, and other organizations that wanted to support the most vulnerable communities in Los Cabos. These project partners have provided in-kind donations, logistical support, and volunteers to help our vision come to life. Thanks!

Beneficiary Organizations

Our grant process is moving forward with the cooperation of numerous community-based organizations in Los Cabos. The Cabo Hurricane Fund seeks to partner with reputable groups working in the most impacted communities. These beneficiary organizations are in the best position to identify the needs of families on the ground. Check out our project page to learn more about our grant process. Thanks to these special groups on the front lines of rebuilding efforts!