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New Partnership with Grupo Questro and Puerto Los Cabos

We are proud to announce a significant new partnership for our work in Los Cabos. Last week Grupo Questro and Puerto Los Cabos announced the delivery of US $48,337 as well as MXN $38,600 (approximately US $2500) into the Cabo Hurricane Fund, under the management of Grassroots Global Development Foundation. All funding from this gift will be used exclusively towards the support of PLC employees.



These new resources represent the generous giving of homeowners and community members in PLC to the Grupo Questro Hurricane Relief Fund. Grupo Questro leadership explained the rationale for giving this fund to CHF: “The group’s commitment, responsiveness, organizational skills, and a full time working staff specifically dedicated to Hurricane Odile Relief in our community combined to give us confidence in this plan of action.”

The agreement between Grupo Questro and Grassroots Global stipulates that the donated funds will be designated to the needs of PLC employees impacted by Hurricane Odile. This may include repairing or rebuilding homes as well as supporting the relocation of families from settlement communities. Specific projects will be initiated later this year.


As always, we are thankful to the broad range of donors and supporters who have helped bring the Cabo Hurricane Fund vision to life. In this moment, we are especially grateful to Grupo Questro and the PLC community for partnering with us in this special way. We look forward to making a greater impact as a result of these resources.

As progress continues on some of our initial home projects, we hope you’ll continue to follow, share and support our work!