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Project Update: A Place to Call Home

Cabo Hurricane Fund is proud to announce the delivery of a newly completed home to Juan and Abby in Colonia Gastelum outside of Cabo San Lucas. This house, named “Casa Ash” after two of the key project donors Bill and Onagh Ash, provides 55 square meters of strategically designed space using sustainable materials.  Nearly a year after Hurricane Odile, investments like this from Cabo Hurricane Fund are addressing the housing needs of impacted families while also showing a way forward for social housing projects in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

For years to come, Casa Ash will truly be a place that Juan and Abby can call home.


Casa Ash was built using the “Casa O” design provided by CAPA lab, using rammed earth technique in order to create “a flexible housing model that fits both the lifestyle of its owners as to the territory and climate where it is located.”

After seeing the final phase of work on the home, Juan and Abby had only one question: “When can we move in?!” Their answer came this Saturday, when the keys were handed over by Isaac Garcia, CHF Reconstruction Project Manager, along with Allison Dake from Grassroots Global Development Foundation.

It's move-in time!  Juan and Abby with Isaac Garcia (CHF) and Allison Dake (Grassroots Global Development Foundation)

It’s move-in time! Juan and Abby with Isaac Garcia (CHF) and Allison Dake (Grassroots Global Development Foundation)

Because Juan and Abby require special accommodations, the particular design of Casa Ash was adapted to allow wider doors, hand railings, a leveled and ramped courtyard, and overall wheelchair accessibility. Los Cabos Landscaping went the extra mile to donate landscaping additions which make the lot beautiful. With a local team and locally sourced materials, this was truly made possible by Cabo! Project Foremen Angel Riqueño commented on the work of his team: “Great things are achieved with effort and dedication.”


It’s impossible to fully capture the hope that this home provides to such an inspiring couple. None of this progress is possible without a broad coalition of partners who make Cabo Hurricane Fund’s vision a reality.

To every donor and supporter: we hope that you will be proud of the impact you are making.

And there’s more to come. As we approach the one year anniversary of Hurricane Odile, we have new plans to share with you very soon about the future of our project. In the meantime, visit us in Cabo to see our work in person, and follow the other projects we have coming along.

Congratulations on your new home Juan and Abby!