The Project

¡Vamos A Reconstruir! : Let’s Rebuild!

The Goal: $500,000

We’re going to rebuild. That was the commitment we made the day after Hurricane Odile struck. But we also recognized the immediate needs that come after a natural disaster the magnitude of Hurricane Odile. That’s why we initiated our first phase of support in the form of emergency relief. After completing community needs assessments, and meeting with local leadership, we initiated a plan to deliver reconstruction grants to the most devastated areas around Los Cabos.

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Phase I: Emergency Relief

Grassroots Global Development Foundation formed a charter with key project partners during the first few days following the hurricane. These groups helped mobilize donations including medicine, water filters, non-perishable food, and other basic supplies. The coalition helped establish a line of humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable communities through the beginning of 2015.

Phase II: Infrastructure Rebuilding

Beyond emergency relief, the funds raised on this site are now being committed to specific rebuilding efforts around Los Cabos. We have conducted community needs assessments in cooperation with local organizations, and we are now beginning to make reconstruction grants.

Reconstruction Grants

Reconstruction Grants are directed to individuals, families, and communities who experienced severe losses in Hurricane Odile. Applications for support will be processed through approved community-based organizations working with the Cabo Hurricane Fund. We have partnered with CAPA Lab and other agencies to complete housing projects. Stay tuned to our Stories & Updates page for current news on the project!